Destructive demons crawling through those dying leaves
Slithering in and out of the holes inside your dreams
I wander amongst the emptiness that progresses along your shore
Losing memories drifting past the sleeping branches
It hides ignorance under the garden roots of pain
Never knowing sunlight or how it calls your name
Confused and lumbering dew drops melt inside each other
Mis-understanding beauty as it grows into a mother
Running along the bootstraps and climbing through the wires
Deadly worlds spew forth forgiveness with everlasting fire
Returning warlords who eat their only child
Imprisoned blood stains rolling fast within our gates.
Fate is desperately crying in the room of shame
It lays there untouched by polluted corporate gain
Nonsense makes an entrance with exploding grief
Collapsing walls built by endless years of rage
Escaping consequential prisons locked in iron gates
Burst forth with everlasting calm
Unname yourself
Righteous bearing wolf
Seed the scowls with dissipated birth
Arise within the confines of a spell
Trusting worthiness


                You listen well


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Free logos are here. I am starting to upload them now. Check out the ‘LOGO’ tab and get yourself some freebies!

The Big Give

Gave away the rest of it!  All to downtown Winston-Salem restaurants. People were surprised. They all said thank you.  I think it was hard for them to believe it was free. I could tell they thought there must be a catch. Or maybe they thought I stole them.

In all I gave away:

1 large seascape painting on wood

4 canvas paintings

30 prints

I plan on creating an art section on this blog to show all the pieces.